Emergency School Closures

At times it may be that your child has to be sent home from school should an emergency arise, for example failure of the school’s heating system in winter or during severe weather.  In very stormy weather, or in the event of heavy snowfall, we may dismiss children early to allow them to return home before bad road conditions or deteriorating weather make walking home unsafe.

In these situations, we would send a Groupcall message or a message via the Xpressions app to all parents initially and then try to make contact by telephone, getting in touch with your designated emergency contact as required, if you as their parent is non-contactable.

Parents should note that the Head Teacher may decide closure of the school is necessary if they feel that conditions would place children and staff at risk.  The school may have to be closed due to a lack of staff as some of our team live outwith Aberdeen City and may have difficulty with travel into the city due to any inclement weather.

In the event of an Emergency Closure, Northsound Radio will be contacted to help relay information to parents.

Emergency Closure Procedures:

Options 1: Listen to Northsound Radio for updates.

Option 2:  Visit the Aberdeen City Council School Closures page: https://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/school-closures

Option 3: Contact the School Information Line on 0870 054 1999.  You will be asked for a unique PIN number for Dyce School which is 011310.  This will provide you with the most to date information.

Our full Emergency Procedures Policy is on the Policies page on our website: https://www.dyce.aberdeen.sch.uk/policies/