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P2B and P6B!

We had lots of fun today in PE with the P6’s!  

Another Update in P7A

In P7A we have continued with are topic on WWII this week. We have been learned about the leaders from the countries involved. We focused on Winston Churchill this week….

Staff Development – Maths

As you can see from the pictures, teachers are always learning too. We worked together to have lots of positive discussions and share ideas about all things Maths. There is…

Dividing in P4B

We are learning more about dividing and are using lots of practical materials to show our understanding. We spoke about the terms ‘equal’ and ‘remainder’ and can use these terms…

Football in P2B!

P2B were enjoying practicing their football skills today in PE! Aberdeen Football Club better watch out! We have some young professionals on our hands!

Science with 3B

Our class have been exploring chemical reactions with household products, on Thursday they experimented with pepper, milk, food  and washing up liquid. We found that the washing up liquid repelled…

Measurement with 3B

Today in 3B we were estimating and measuring things within the school. Some were exactly what we thought and some really surprised us with how big they were.

Weekly Update in P7A!!

This week in P7A we have been doing a treasure hunt to do with their topic each thing they found had a fact about WW2 and a date with facts…

Measure a Marathon P3A

Today P3A as well as a few P7’s enjoyed some sunshine and a conga line while measuring the pavement of our playground for a running track. We stationed ourselves around…

Weekly Fun In P7B!!

P7B have been continuing with our topic World War 2, we have been learning about the Holocaust. Even though it is a sad to learn about it tells us what…