We are Thankful in P2/3

This week has been full of fun!

The big highlight this week was giving our first assembly! The boys and girls did an excellent job sharing what they have learned about emotions through our book, The Boy Who Grew Dragons (the video is on our google classroom stream for our class to see.)

We have learned more about data handling by figuring out our fruit choices for our Christmas Party and turning our results into bar graphs. We also all had a chance to fill in a Google form with our fruit choice and then studied the pie chart it created at the end.

We have been practising making the highest numbers we can by adding with materials in the tuff tray. We then tried to make some target numbers as well.

Last week for writing, we practised making a list of all the materials we would need to make our rocket. This week we finally put everything together to finish our story about an astronaut going to space.

Finally, P2/3 helped me celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday by reading a Thanksgiving story, making leaf turkeys, and brainstorming all the things we are thankful for! What a special day!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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