Lots of learning in P3A

We have been very busy this term so we’d like to update you in our latest learning!

We have been learning to summarise a familiar story. We need to use our own words, use up to 5 sentences and write what happened-not what characters said.

In handwriting we have been learning to write capital letters correctly. We practise our formation and aim to be consistent.

In P.E, Miss Wattie has been teaching us Dance. We have learned to control our bodies to move like the planets.

Mrs Jones is teaching us about being safe at school, at home and when we are out playing.

In Numeracy, we are learning our number sequences and using it as a counting strategy. We have been learning how to navigate a hundred square so we can add 2-digit numbers quickly. We like using the IWB to play games. We have been learning about tally marks and surveys in information handling.

Emotion Works has helped us identify emotions, the possible triggers and how we can calm our emotions. We have a wonderful display to share all our learning.

We are learning how to use commas in our writing.

We have made displays for Remembrance Day and for Book Week Scotland.

We will blog again soon! Don’t forget to check out our Twitter posts @MrsERoss1 and @LauraFlett5.

One thought on “Lots of learning in P3A

  • 26th November 2020 at 5:22 pm

    Thank you teachers for your continuous support to all P3A students. Each one of you made a wonderful impact on students every single day. Such an inspiration to students.


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