Little Lifesaver Packs

The CPR Group are promoting a national initiative aimed at giving parents the opportunity to learn how to act should your child ever suffer a choking or cardiac event. Although rare, choking and cardiac emergencies in young children can be fatal and we urge all parents to take advantage of this scheme. Currently only 2 in 10 parents know how to act in a life or death emergency.

The CPR Group are a not for profit CIC who with assistance from St John Ambulance have created “Little Lifesaver ” first aid packs for mums and dads, friends and family members to learn CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and how to prevent and help with choking.

The packs cost £3.99 each and are a vital learning tool that will definitely save lives.  Attached is an informational leaflet about the product.

If you would like to order a pack please visit the website:

Many thanks,

Mrs Pearson

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