This is P3A and this is the news!

We would like to share our learning with you.

We have been learning to count in tens with Numicon. (Orange Group)

We have been learning how to kick a ball using the inside of our foot. (Yellow Group)

We have been learning to write a diary. This week we pretended to be George from George’s Marvellous Medicine. We wrote in the first person, used past tense and included emotions. (Green Group)

This week we learned to use column calculations for addition. We learned to start by adding the ones and then tens. (Purple Group)

We learned to estimate a 1m length using sticks and stones. (Red Group)

We revised our spelling patterns from this term. (Blue Group)

We have been learning to write curly and zigzag letters. We have learned to start above the line, each letter touches the bottom line and to form letters correctly. (Turquoise Group)

We hope you have a wonderful October break! See you next term!


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