Our Week in P2/3

Our week has been busy getting back into things after the September long weekend. Though the weather has not been the best, we have enjoyed exploring our new play baskets this week.

Our play baskets have a few things that are just ours to play with. We have playdough, cars, lego, a whiteboard, and more. It allows us to keep things that we build and be creative! Pupils began to draw roads on their whiteboard for their cars to drive on. They even made car parks with their lego to store their cars. We used these baskets to help us with phonics and maths as well. Looking forward to filling them with different things throughout the year!

For writing this week we have learned all about autobiographies. We learned how to include special pieces of information that tells others all about us! We even got to create a nice picture of us to go along with our writing.

We have a few more things on the agenda this afternoon and will be busy rounding our numbers to the next 10! Have a great weekend everyone!

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