A short busy week in P3B!

We have had a short, but busy week in P3B. It was our turn for ‘Twitter Takeover’ and we enjoyed sharing what we were learning on the school twitter page.

In literacy, we have been learning our new sounds ‘ck’ and ‘ai’. We completed several activities to help us learn our words including ‘graffiti spelling’, Play-Doh words and silly sentences.

In numeracy, we have been very busy. We have been learning how to estimate and measure different weights. During our carousel activity, we experimented with making scales balanced, putting objects into order from lightest to heaviest and reading the weights on scales. We also learned how to use chimney sums as an addition strategy to add 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers together.

We finished off our week by creating an autumn themed picture. We follow along with a video tutorial that showed us how to make our drawing look like leaves were blowing in the wind. This was challenging, but we tried our best and are very happy with how they have turned it out!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

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