Our Week P2/3

It has been another busy week!

Today we read the book Stickman and responded by thinking of creative ways we could use sticks. Everyone had great ideas such as magic wands, electric guitars, and a pen. We then found out that we can use our sticks for measuring because they were all 25 cm, so we measured things around us. Then we also used them to skip count by tapping the ground with the sticks.

Our sound this week is ‘ch’, so we went to the beach to practise our spelling words in the sand. We also used tweezers to try and pick up objects trapped in a spider’s web and had some fun fine motor activities to start our mornings.

Finally, we caught up on our novel, The Boy Who Grew Dragons. The boys and girls decided they would like to try and find clues that the dragons may have left in the playground. See if you can spot them below!

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