Talking about our Emotions at Dyce Primary

At Dyce Primary we have introduced a new programme this session for developing the emotional literacy of our learners supporting them with thinking and talking about their emotions and how to regulate themselves during tricky events or situations, which is particularly important at the moment.

The programme we have introduced across the whole school is called “Emotion Works Recovery Programme”, which fits in with the nurturing approach that we are currently providing in school. The Emotion Works Recovery Programme is a weekly programme that gives learners the opportunity to investigate a series of coloured cogs that focus on different elements of emotional literacy, including Triggers, Behaviours, Regulation Strategies, Body Sensations, Emotions, etc. The cogs the children will be investigating will increase in number and complexity as they move through the school from P1 to P7.

Below is the link to a video that explains what the Emotion Works Programme is and how it works:

We would encourage you to ask your children about what they have been learning through Emotion Works.

If you have any questions about Emotion Works please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Many thanks,

Mrs McLean

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