P3A Dear Diary

This week P3A have been very busy learning. We worked together in our groups to pick out the highlights of our week!

We enjoyed our tricky spelling patterns (wh and ph). We chalked our words outside and played games on the IWB. A new word we learned was ‘catastrophic’!

We have been learning different ways to calculate addition problems in Number Talks. We have started learning to set out column addition too. We estimated and weighed items from our table baskets. We were surprised to find out that the average baskets weighs over 600g!

With Emotion Works we have been identifying the triggers which give us different emotions.

Yesterday we wrote a diary entry. We used the first person and wrote in the past tense. We wrote about an special or important event and how it made us feel.

We have played lots of listening and talking games where we have to remember what other people say.

These were the highlights from our week. We hope you enjoyed your week too.

Please check in again next week!


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