Busy Week in P2/3

Well, this has been a busy week of learning in P2/3!

We have been using pine cones to help us with our Maths this week and have been enjoying time outdoors! We sorted pine cones by size and shape, made pine cone number lines, and played pine cone boules.

We also took our Number Talks outside and had the chance to fill our boards with our ideas and then compare with friends to catch ones we may have missed.

The most exciting thing that happened this week was walking into our class on Wednesday morning and finding traces of visitors we had overnight!

We decided that they were dragon footprints, and it must have been some of the six dragons that got loose from our book. They must have stepped in something though because they left their messy footprints behind. Their tails also made quite the mess of our reading corner!

We had a fun time writing diaries about what happened that day and how we felt when we found the footprints.

That afternoon we set out some toy dinosaurs for them to play with, and they ended up writing us a note saying thank you and telling us that we could play with them! Hopefully they come back next week! We will have to see!

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