Another fun week in P3B!

We have been continuing the learning and fun in P3B this week.

For numeracy, we have been learning how to round 2 and 3 digit numbers to the nearest 10. We completed lots of questions to help us, and played a fun game on the interactive whiteboard to show off our learning. We also completed a maths carousel which allowed us to use the skills we have been learning over the past couple of weeks.

For literacy, we wrote a biography about one of our family members. We completed a plan which helped us think about what we’d like to say before we wrote it. We have also been learning new spelling sounds ‘wh’ and ‘ph’ and have been completing different activities to help us remember our words.

In health and wellbeing, we took another look at ‘Emotion Works’ and created dramas in our table groups to represent different emotions. The children came up with excellent dramas and used their acting skills to represent how they felt in their scenario.

Lastly, we completed some Origami to make monster bookmarks. These link perfectly to our learning of the ‘Mood Monsters’ and challenged us to use our folding and cutting skills to make sure they were accurate.

We’ve had a great week and we hope you have too!

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