Busy Week in P3B!

We have had another fun and busy week in P3B.

During maths we learned about rounding 2 digit numbers to the nearest 10. We also continued our learning outdoors by using rulers to measure different objects in the playground. We learned that a ruler is 30cm long so we searched for things in the playground equal to this length.

After lunch times, we played Boggle and challenged ourselves to find different words within the letters. P3B are getting very good at this and come up with more words each time!

We did a piece of writing this week called ‘All About Me’. We learned that when we write about ourselves, we call this an autobiography. The children did an excellent job with their writing and were able to make a plan which helped them write some super sentences.

To finish off our week, we celebrated Roald Dahl day by doing a true or false quiz. We also watched a tutorial which helped us draw some of the different emotion characters from Inside Out. These turned out amazing!

Have a lovely weekend!

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