A great week in P2/3!

We started off our week by finding out what is happening with Thomas in our story, The Boy Who Grew Dragons. He brought his dragon into the library and things didn’t quite go to plan.

We have also been discussing different emotions this week. Along with what the emotion is, we have been discussing why we may feel this way, what our body might do during this feeling, and how we can try to feel better.

In Maths we have been exploring estimating and rounding the last few weeks, however, this week we began exploring measure by using our hands, feet, and bodies to measure objects on the playground. Then on Thursday, our Numberjacks video inspired us to explore measure in a different way. The video mentioned spheres and we were trying to figure out what the difference was between a sphere and a circle, so we looked around to find some in our classroom, however, we could only find pom poms. That’s when the children decided they could maybe make spheres out of their playdough. So off they went and created their own spheres in all different sizes. Naturally, it became a competition to see who could make the smallest and biggest spheres, so they grabbed their rulers and decided to check a bit more accurately! Have a look at some of our pictures below. Some pupils then began to explore making a few other shapes like triangles and even cylinders.

See if you can find spheres around your home or when you’re out and about on a walk. Have a great weekend everyone!

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