Another fantastic week in P3B!

P3B have been very busy this week!

We have been taking our learning outdoors lots this week. For numeracy, we used objects and things in the playground to help us with measuring. We learned that a metre stick is equal to 5 rainbow sticks, so children used these and worked in pairs to find things in the playground that are exactly 1 metre long.

We have also been learning about our emotional wellbeing and how to recognise different emotions and feelings. We spoke about the Mood Monsters and then made our own Feeling Scales. These allow children to move the bead up and down throughout the day depending on how they feel. They turned out great!

During literacy, we introduced our own version of Boggle to the class. Our only rules are that the letters you use don’t need to be joined together on the board, and you can only use a letter once per word. The children were really good at this and managed to come up with lots of words!

Lastly, we finished off our week by doing some creative tasks. We worked in groups to draw story maps for our novel ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. We also did some mindfulness colouring to wind down after a busy week.

Have a lovely weekend!

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