Estimation P2/3

We have been learning about estimation. Sometimes estimation seems like guessing, but this week we found out that estimation and guessing are different. Estimation is using what we already know to help us calculate the answer as close as we can.

Last week we picked up handfuls of rocks outside and estimated how many were in our hands. We did this several times and the more we did it, the better our estimations became. We also used a bucket fill of water and estimated how many jars it would fill.

This week we used pom poms and sticks to estimate how many pom poms long the sticks were. A few pupils noticed that they could take a shortcut: if we know how many pom poms long one stick is, then we can better estimate how many pom poms we would need for three sticks.

The last picture shows one more observation we made. If we use different size pom poms, we will need to change our estimations. We found out that we would need less big pom poms because they take up more space.

Check out our pictures below and look around for how you can estimate at home this week!

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