Another excellent week in P5A!

We have had a very busy week in P5A!

We made predictions about our class novel, ‘The Midnight Fox’. Using only the front cover, we had to guess what would happen, who the characters might be, and where and when it took place. We can’t wait to find out if our predictions were correct!

In health and well-being we have been learning about peer pressure. We learnt that it can be positive and negative, and we acted out scenarios to help us understand the difference between the two.

For numeracy this week we learnt some more fun games. Our favourite game was Array Capture, which helped us revise our multiplication facts.

We did some directed drawing, where we had to actively listen to the instructions that were being read and draw what we heard. It was a great way for us to practice listening really hard!

We also started PE again with Miss Wattie. Our topic is football and we have been learning a few more fantastic tricks.

We cannot wait to learn more amazing things next week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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