Welcome to P3A!

We have had a great two days to kick off our year in P3A!

Our routines might be a little bit different but we are already coping with the change fantastically and ensuring we keep ourselves clean and hygienic!

*Yesterday each bubble came up with some words telling me how we want our new year in P3 to be! Our buzzword is ‘Positive’ as this is how we would like our year to be! We are now ‘Positive P3A!’ 🙂

*We have started our class novel of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ which is already a hit within our class! We don’t like Grandma Kranky very much at all.

*Today we made a riddle together for P3B to answer. I will attach it to this post – can you guess our very tricky riddle?

*We have also been working hard on our number. As you can see we came up with lots of ways to make our different number and were making sure we were challenging ourselves and getting our brains thinking. We also played number bond bingo. We always had lots of winners.

*Finally we also completed a ‘Getting to know you’ activity where we shared lots of our favourite things from color to hobby to book! Mrs Flett and Mrs Ross are really looking forward to finding out so much more about P3A!

Thank you for such a great first two days P3! You are certainly on the right track for a great year already!

Mrs Flett 🙂

The beginning of our P3A journey 🙂

One thought on “Welcome to P3A!

  • 18th August 2020 at 4:50 pm

    What a great start P3A! Well done!

    And thanks Mrs Flett for your tremendous support and hardwork. You are such an amazing teacher. P3A so lucky to have you.


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