Dyce School Returning to School Document – Contingency Plan for August 2020/2021

As you know the plan is for all schools to have pupils returning 100% of the time as from 12th August 2020 provided medical evidence supports this. However, should this not be possible then pupils will only return 50% of the time – this is our contingency plan. As such we have created a document which looks at what Returning to School would look like for our pupils if they were only to return to school 50% of the time. A copy of this is attached for your information.

Dyce School Returning to School – Contingency Plan for 2020/2021

Also attached is a document that provides information about the Blended Learning approach that will be used, if pupils return 50% of the time, consisting of “at home” and “in school” learning for your information.

Dyce School Blended Learning Approach

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the school Dyce e-mail address.

Many thanks,

Mrs McLean

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