Dyce School – Online Learning Acceptable Use Policy

Whilst our learning provision is being provided digitally, it is important that we all have a shared understanding of how learners should be treated online by others and also how to conduct themselves online. This is needed to ensure our young people feel safe, value, respected and included as well being responsible in the way they behave.

Please find attached the Dyce School Digital Learning Acceptable Use Policy which has been created to reflect our whole school promoting positive behaviour policy and whole school vision, values, aims and ethos.

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

It would be appreciated if parents and carers can take the time to discuss this with your child(ren) and then complete the form, using the link below, to accept that they understand and agree with our strategies to keep everyone safe and happy online.


We appreciate your continued support and co-operation during this challenging time.

Kind regards,

Mrs McLean

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