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The current situation means that our children cannot meet up with their friends like they would at school. During Google Meets with their teachers children have been asking for a way to chat with their friends they haven’t spoken to for a while. We have thought about how we can help them do this and we have created ‘Online Playgrounds’ for P1-3 and P4-7 using Google Classroom. Our aim is to have these ‘Online Playgrounds’ open on a daily basis, for specific time periods, allowing pupils to interact with their peers as this is not possible on the streams in their classrooms where they access and upload their work.

We take online safety very seriously so these online spaces will be monitored by our PSAs who will be ensuring pupils stay safe whilst chatting in the ‘Online Playgrounds’. A set of ‘Online Playground’ Rules have been put on each page. We ask that the first thing that the children do is to read these rules.

We are planning to open the playgrounds from next Monday 18th May for the following classes at the following times:
* P1-3 – 10.30-11.00am    * P4-7 – 10:45-11.15am

To access your child’s online playground:
1. Go to
2. Sign in using your child’s Google Account information (
3. Input the code to join the correct Online Playground which were in the Groupcall message which was sent out.
4. Commenting will be opened at the scheduled start time & closed at the scheduled end time.
5. When commenting is opened pupils will be able to create
posts to chat and reply to their peers.

We hope that as many of the children as possible are able to access the scheduled times for the Online Playgrounds, and enjoy having a catch up and a chat with their friends.

Mrs McLean

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