P5A Science week, technology across the curriculum and outdoor team games

For Science week P5A learned about what science can include, what the term STEM means (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and what jobs might use STEM skills. To find out what prior knowledge pupils had about STEM, pupils wrote anything they knew on scrap paper and turned them into “snowballs” which we had great fun throwing about the room. Pupils then found another snowball, read what was written and added anything they knew about the topic. After a few tries at this, ideas were shared and recorded on the Smartboard. After we discussed these ideas, and others, we learned about how scientists ask questions and carry out experiments. We decided to research topics of interest using laptops and agreed on success criteria for the format it would take. Watch this space for more information! 

Technology has also been involved in continuing to record our knowledge about Sikhism in PowerPoints; to access interactive Maths games and to become familiar with using Google Classrooms to share information and upload files. All pupils should now have current usernames and passwords which can be used on devices at home to access a range of Google tools. Pupils are in the process of joining a P5A interactive classroom. Again, more information to follow in the coming weeks. 

PE included making use of the outdoor space to play a much loved team hoop game. Even without hoops this game can be played at home and only needs a couple of people for it to work. Ask your child how to play and join in the fun!

Note taking has been another focus as pupils listened for key information during a video about the steps involved in production of Fairtrade chocolate. Pupils will use this information to sequence the steps in a writing lesson soon.



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