P5A Running a mile, Kindness, Problem Solving and Fibonacci

As part of the national celebrations for World Maths Day we learned about influential mathematicians throughout the years. We invited P3A to join us to play some games using the Fibonacci sequence. 

Other Maths has included problem solving this week. Have a look at our photos of using the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplying and dividing) to solve clues in a mystery and sort monster cards. 

We used nets to make 3D shapes which just happened to have useful questions on the faces that we can use when we do our reading too!

Part of our PE has included running about a mile around the school playground but since we are not sure exactly how many times round is equal to a mile, we have decided we would like to do some measuring work to find out. We will let you know!

Whilst revisiting our class charter we have been thinking about kindness, examples of being kind and how kindness is not always about spending money. Take a look at some of the kind things we have done or had done to us. 

We continue to learn about Fairtrade and this week linked it to learning about a balanced diet. We then created healthy packed lunches using Fairtrade products. 


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