An Active Week for P3B!

This week has involved lots of special days and visits! On Monday we were visited by Hayley from Arts Across Learning. We worked with her to ‘Make Our Own Paths’. We looked at different ways to move our body to make shapes, and then created scenes in big groups. We walked through paths among our friends while they pretended to be dinosaurs, volcanos, sharks, and squid!

Wednesday was World Maths Day. The famous mathematician we studied was Rene Descartes, who invented coordinates. We used our coordinates knowledge to navigate around maps of Dyce. On Friday, we shared our work with P1B, who taught us how to write our names in Morse Code!

On Friday we took part in the school Dance-a-thon. We learnt some Zumba routines, then had some free dancing time with the whole school getting involved! What a busy week we’ve had!


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