World Maths Day in P1/2!

Today is World Maths Day, so P1/2 have been taking part in lots of maths activities. We collaborated with P6B yesterday afternoon to research famous mathematicians. Together, we read, highlighted and selected information to make a poster about a specific mathematician. One of the groups even figured out how old Isaac Newton would be if he was still alive – he would be over 300 years old! We worked so well as a team and both Miss Watson and Miss Edwards were very proud!

As P1/2’s maths topic this week is pattern, we continued to look at shape and colour patterns using digital technology and Numicon. Our challenge today was to add the numbers of our Numicon patterns together to make big numbers! We also began to look at number patterns, for example spotting the pattern when we’re counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We also looked at numbers in general, thinking about different ways to make one number. We did an example as a whole class then chose which number to work with. We soon discovered there are lots of ways to make numbers!

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