P3A Time, Interhouse and International visitor.

On Tuesday, Tristan, a teacher from France joined our class to find out what it is like to go to school Scotland. He enjoyed seeing how we learn, the resources we use and our outdoor learning. He was impressed to see how much we could talk about what we were learning. Thank you for visiting us!

We have had a very busy week. In Numeracy, we have been learning to tell times such as o’clock, half past, quarter past/to on analogue and digital clocks. This is trickier than some of us thought it would be! We also thought about time when we lined up by birth month or the season we were born. We have to work out who is oldest and youngest in our groups to take in different roles. We enjoyed building our clocks outside. We used number stines and discs, sticks, hoops, chalk and silicone numbers.  We even managed to build a clock showing the 24-hour times!

In Literacy, we have learned to use an apostrophe in a contraction and in possession. We practised our spelling words by using scrabble tiles, writing with chalk and playing a word workout game. We learned the features of a persuasive text and tried to persuade someone to join our hobby or club.

On Wednesday we discussed how Dyce could be better. Our ideas included people remembering to pick up litter and dog poo. We thought drivers should drive slowly near school. We went out to Gordon Terrace and Glenhome Walk to look for things which encourage drivers to slow down. We found zigzag lines to stop parking near school, speed limit signs showing 20mph, speed bumps and no parking warnings.

Finally, on Friday, we had our Interhouse dodgeball competition. We enjoyed being in our houses and with our friends in P3B. Miss Wattie and Mrs Ross liked our team colours as we supported our houses!

We hope your week was as good as ours!


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