This Week in P1/2

P1/2 have been taking part in lots of different activities to extend their learning across the curriculum this week. Last week in maths, we were learning about the maths symbols for greater than and less than (< and >). We pretended that the symbols were crocodiles mouths and learned that the crocodile always eats the bigger number which will fill him up more! We enjoyed making our own crocodiles to compare numbers. We finished off measuring this week, focusing on capacity but revised measurement of length and weight. We enjoyed actively exploring measurement by using measuring jugs in the water tray, using scales to weigh objects, and using rulers and metre sticks to measure lengths, widths and heights! We even used what we learned about greater than and less than symbols to compare capacities and mass.

As it is Valentines Day today, we took part in a few Valentines themed activities this week too. We had to fix broken hearts by finding the number bonds to 10, completed a Valentines wordsearch, made cards and did some writing about people or things that we love.

In French, we have been revising colours and today we learned how to say where we live. We also explored how we would say where we come from, for those of us who were born in other countries!

For topic this week, we made models of buildings we would see around Dyce, such as ASDA, the academy, our school and the church. Miss Edwards was very impressed with the thought that went into our buildings, such as counting cubes to make sure the buildings were all the same height.

Enjoy the long weekend, see you on Thursday P1/2!

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