Busy Beebots in P3A

Good afternoon,

We’d like to update you on our learning in P3A. We’ve had a busy few weeks.

Mrs Carle, joined us as part of a four-week placement. She has been helping us learn about area and weight in Maths. We have been constructing sentences with conjunctions in Literacy and learning about being active and responsible in Health and Wellbeing. We started our local area study and really enjoyed investigating the aerial maps of Dyce. We really enjoyed having her with us and we look forward to her next placement in April.

We have been on two local walks. We took lots of photographs and talked about the houses and businesses we saw. We wrote about our walks and we learned about the different houses we saw. We built our own houses with construction.

In writing, we have moved onto persuasive writing. This style of writing is new to most of us but we are having fun as we debate each argument. We started by arguing if having a pet is a good idea or not. We thought of fantastic reasons for both sides. Over the next few weeks we will develop our skills in this style.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions. We have explored fractions of shapes and quantities. We are learning to identify half, thirds, quarters, fifths and tenths.

Our coding journey has continued with programming Beebots. They are easy to program and have fun noises to help us know when the instructions are finished. We planned a short route and got used to editing our instructions or the route to fit the movements of the Beebots.

A highlight of last week was having a visit from Mrs Reynolds for National Story-Telling Week. She brought along her favourite stories. We liked all of them! We were very impressed with the animated Wizard of Oz book. The pictures reminded us of Harry Potter newspapers because the pictures look more like videos.

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