Learning in P5A

We have had another busy but fun week learning lots of new things. Here’s what we have been up to!

– We learned our new spellings sounds and we played a game to learn more about Roots. We each had a post it with part of a word on it and we had to find a partner who had the correct root to ensure a real word could be created.

– We have been learning more about ‘My World of Work’ and have been using the website lots in class. We answered questions based on our individual personalities which then told us what type of animal we were. It also told us what our personality traits could be similar to and had jobs that matched up to how we answered the questions. We are creating a display in class to show the animals we came out as.

– We finished off our block of Dance with an Orcadian Strip the Willow. We were all a little bit hot and dizzy afterwards but had great fun.

– Lastly, we were learning more about how to write a balanced argument. We took part in our very own class debate where we looked at the plastic debate and the impact it is having on the environment. The discussion was great and the children were ensuring they backed up their points with a clearly justification. We them transferred these thoughts onto paper and are writing some interesting pieces based on this debate.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss B and P5A.


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