P5A Update!

We have had a busy start to the term. Here is what we have been learning:-

– We have been learning Scottish Dance and have been having great fun doing it! We even passed on our skills to P4 to teach them some dance.

– We have been practising our new table, the 11 times table and have been having a class competition based on this. We created our Learn Its which will support us with our homework.

– We were learning a bit more about the term ‘Wolf Moon’ and know that it is the name of the first full moon of the year.

– In Health and Wellbeing we were thinking about the impact sleep has on our body and realised that it can have an emotional, physical and behavioural impact on our bodies.

– We created a KWL grid for our new topic so that we can plan lots of exciting lessons based around our interests and ideas. Our new topic  is called ‘Our Wider World’.

– Lastly, to finish off our topic on Poetry, we learned about the key features when creating a Haiku. We then created our own based on the environment which links in with our new topic.

As you can see, we have been very busy!

Miss Baldacci.

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