End of Term in P1/2

P1/2 have worked very hard this term, particularly the last few weeks whilst practising and performing their Nativity and the Panto! In between performances, they have been consolidating our phonics and participating in lots of Christmas activities in different areas of the curriculum.

From our photos you can see how busy we have been! P1 made posters to advertise the Nativity, focusing on making the posters eye catching and ensuring we have the important information on it. P1 learnt the ‘f’ sound last week, so we were fishing for words beginning with f, and even had to free frozen fish in our tuff tray! There were great science discussions at this activity as the children decided what would be the best method to free the fish from the ice. In the end they decided using warm water would be effective to melt the ice! After it melted, P1/2 decided they wanted to make and sell ‘slush puppies’! I was very impressed with the creativity. We also practised writing ‘f’ in fairy dust. P2 were consolidating how to spell colours. P1/2 read a book from our Story Advent Calendar in which the main character spoke about their happiest memories. We then drew and wrote about some of our favourite memories. These were so lovely to read!

Puppet shows have proven very popular in P1/2 recently. During our free play, lots of the children chose to make characters for a story, set up a puppet theatre and reenact famous tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, as well as making their own shows which were mostly Christmas related. I loved being invited to watch them!

In maths, we have been continuing to focus on place value to enhance our Number Talks. Our number this week was 196. Our answers demonstrated great place value knowledge, for example ‘100+90+6’. We worked through Christmas related word problems to engage in maths problem solving. One of these word problems was a real life situation, as P1/2 were told I had only eaten 5 doors of my Advent Calendar by the 17th December (oops!) – how many chocolates were left to eat? We also looked at symmetry, through patterns and shapes. We used knowledge of symmetry to finish Rudolph’s face and as a challenge activity we looked for the vowels in Rudolph’s song.

P1/2 have also been very busy making their own calendars which link to our mini topic of seasons. These will come home with the children in the new term!

Have a great holiday P1/2, you all deserve it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all and your families. See you in the new term!

Miss Edwards

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