Numeracy P2A

This week P2A have been hard at work on their numeracy. Through our number talks we are discussing doubles, halves and much more. The children are using different strategies to get to the answer. They are explaining how they solved it and showing their understanding of numbers to 100. They are even beginning to try problems such as 230 plus 300. We are not using chimney sums to solve these, however. We are encouraging everyone to try and partition the number and break it down into the ones place, tens place, and hundreds place.

In maths we have been discussing days, months and years. We are talking about time increments as well. When we leave for lunch, we say see you in an hour! It is so beneficial to continue talking through daily routines and talk about how much time things take. We encourage you to try this at home. Have a good weekend, and we hope to see you at the Pantomime next week!

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