Dyce Primary’s Young Leaders of Learning

Last week saw Dyce Primary’s first group of Young Leaders of Learning meeting with other children from across the city to take part in training on their exciting new role.  The training focused on what it means to be a leader and the skills and qualities they will need to be successful as a Young Leader.  Our children were introduced to the children from our partner school, Fernielea Primary in Aberdeen, and they worked together and shared what they think we do well at Dyce Primary.  The children did Dyce Primary proud and they were all very focused and confident when sharing their ideas in front of a large room full of children and adults who they had only recently met!

Our next task for the Young Leaders at Dyce will be to meet to discuss the upcoming visit to our school by the Young Leaders from Fernielea School.  This visit will take place next term before March 2020.  The Young Leaders will be delivering a tour of the school as well as meeting with focus groups of children from across the school to discuss what we do well at Dyce Primary and what could be improved.

If you would like to find out more about the Young Leaders of Learning Programme please find below a to further information provided on the Parentzone website.


Mrs McLean

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