P1/2 Update

Another busy week for P1/2 last week! We started the week with Remembrance Day, making lovely pictures and words for the soldiers and others involved in the war. We took part in the 2 minute silence and watched it live on BBC to see people all over the country taking part too.

In literacy, we were focusing on vowels last week, remembering to put a vowel in the middle of a word so it can be blended. P1 also practised their tricky words. P1 were learning ‘r’ and ‘m’ last week and took part in lots of different activities. P2 were learning more double letters, ‘ll’ and thought of lots of words with this sound at the end. P2 also learned about plurals during our grammar session. We all read ‘Superworm’ for our reflective read last week, then took part in activities such as making our own ‘Super Insect’, writing about our favourite part, reenacting the story at the tuff tray and building a lair for the Wizard Lizard.

In maths, P1 were using the tuff tray to practise their number bonds to 10 using Numicon. We practised numbers to 100, forming them in playdough and filling in 100 squares. We also learned more about time, matching digital and analogue clocks.

We hope you enjoy our pictures!

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