4B Update!

Welcome to our class blog.
Last week in P4B we:
– used a new maths programme called MathsBot
– practised laying out work in jotters
– had Ms McLean in our class doing Just Dance and teaching us how a pen drive works
– found out our Learn It this term is the 4 X table
– learned about baptism from Mrs Angus
– did Autumn leaf rubbings with Mrs Jones
– created firework pictures and learned about Guy Fawkes
– read more of Fantastic Mr Fox – we are almost at the end and it’s very exciting

We also had a great time at DGT on Friday afternoon. Well done to Lily and James who got a special mention and to everyone in 4B who auditioned.
We have had a good Monday so far and have another busy week ahead. Please reply if you like our blog!
4B and Miss MacIver

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