P3A got mail!

Wednesday was a very exciting day in our class! We got an unexpected letter.

Andy Shepherd, the author of our class novel, ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’, wrote to ask if we were enjoying her book. She asked what our dragons were up to and I if we were able to look after them. She gave us some helpful ideas too. The envelope also had signed postcards from her.

She told us about the other books about Tomas and his dragon and told us she is writing two other books for the series! We really enjoy listening. The stories are funny and we like predicting what might happen based on events or the chapter title. We would definitely recommend reading them.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be writing to tell her about our work with dragons.


In other news we have started to learn a poem for St Andrew’s Day. In groups we will learn a verse from ‘The Boy in the Train.’ We like hearing the different words- they make us laugh sometimes! We will practise every day and plan to make props to help tell the story in the poem.

Please check our blog again next week! Have a nice weekend!

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