Curriculum Evening Feedback

After the success of the Curriculum Evening which we held in Term 1 we wanted to share the feedback with you that we received from parents who attended the event.

Of those that attended the Curriculum Evening, 5% of our families responded to the survey and left very positive feedback about the event itself and 100% said they would attend a similar event in the future.  Some of the positive comments made included:

“Great presentation, hopefully see this every year going forward.”

“I liked to hear what was being implemented in class just now & how the school are moving forward. I felt reassured.”

“I like the maths, health and well-being indicators and understanding the support within the school. Also appreciated the additional websites and resources so can read further.”

“Being able to make the links and understand what my child comes home telling me about e.g. number talks etc. Also getting a better understanding/idea of how their day/week is structured and what lessons are covered.”

Suggestions for future events were also left which we will definitely take on board as follows:

“…I would like to hear more about literacy e.g when/ if they do joined handwriting as they said handwriting stopped in p4 and what sort of grammar they covered at each stage so that I could help at home.”

“…Mrs Winton mentioned the assessments in P1 and p4. Would be interested to see what these look like?”

“…Appreciated those involved taking the time to inform us as to what is being implemented and how.

A chance to ask questions would be good.”

“…Providing information about the most up to date strategies used in class to teach children, to enable parents/guardians to carry this learning on at home with homework etc. by using the preferred methods.”

It was also useful for us to gather feedback from parents who could not attend the evening to help us understand how we can support parents to attend similar events in the future.  There was a great response to this survey with 32% of families responding (37 out of our 115 families).  The most common reason for parents not attending was that the day (18.9%) and time (21.6%) were not suitable along with other commitments being an issue (29.7%).  The remaining 29.8% had various other personal reasons that meant they were unable to attend.

The above feedback will definitely help us plan future events, including finding an alternative week day, which may make it easier for our families to attend.

Many thanks to those who responded to the surveys and we appreciate your ongoing support of the school.

Mrs McLean

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