Maths at Dyce and at Home

We have lots of exciting things going on just now at Dyce with regards to Maths. We always look for ways to ensure it is fun for all of the children as well as adapting lessons to meet the needs of our learners. Below I will give you some information that I hope you find useful. I will also give you some information on how you can further support your child at home with something new we are doing.

Maths Week Scotland

For Maths Week Scotland, we had a fun week and had a great time taking our learning outside too. We also thoroughly enjoyed our visits from all of our visitors that came to work with us. A big thank you must go to the following people:-

  • Dyce Library Staff
  • James and Andrew from BP
  • Sam Main our Active Schools Coordinator
  • Stuart Davidson from the swimming
  • Mr Murray the head of Maths at Dyce Academy

I have included some pictures to show you some of the interactive wall displays the whole school took part in. They were given a number and had to work out what the question could be. Some children really thought outside the box. This is something you could easily do at home where you give your child a number and they must come up with all the possible questions e.g. 53 (20+20+13 and 50+2+1). The numbers can be adapted easily to suit your child. For some of our younger learners, you can show your child a picture of some dots (as shown in the pictures below) and they must tell you how they counted them e.g if there are 6 dots they might count them in twos, they might also do 3+3.

Number Talks

Number Talks is something new that we have started within the school. All staff were given input on this during our staff in-service day by myself and staff have also been in to observe P5A completing Number Talks. Now that all teachers have observed this, all classes will be completing Number Talks daily from P1-7 in order to continue developing our pupils’ Mental Maths skills. So far in P5A, I have noticed a great increase in pupil confidence allowing most pupils to challenge themselves further with trickier sums.

What is a Number Talk?

Number Talks are short discussions among a teacher and pupil about how to solve a particular Mental Maths problem. The focus is not just on the correct answer, but on all the possible methods of finding the answer. Each pupil has a chance to explain their method, and everyone else will learn from other people’s methods. E.g If the question was 51+99, the children could say the following:-

  • 51+100-1= 150
  • 50+90=140  then 1+9=10  140+10=150

It is important that children know there is no right or wrong method however, we do encourage them to look for what they think might be one of the more sensible/quicker ways to do it.

How Can I Support my Child with this?

Number Talks are extremely easy to support at home. All you have to do is give your child a question and find out all of the possible ways they can work out the answer. Perhaps they can show you a new strategy they have been learning about in class or maybe you can share with your child how you would do it.

Maths Week Scotland Competition

Stay tuned for our Maths Week Scotland Art competition winners!

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Baldacci (Principal Teacher)

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