P5A Update

Here is what we have been up to during our last week before the holidays! It has been jam packed!

  • We have been learning how  to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.
  • It is World Space Week so we learned more about Space on Monday, completed a design challenge where we had to make rockets and we learned a mnemonic to help us remember our planets.
  • It is also Fire Safety Week and we created our very own ‘Top Tips’ on how to stay safe and what to do in the event of a fire. A lot of us didn’t know you have to keep low. We also did a fantastic job at getting out of the building safely during our Fire Drill Practice.
  • We had a football session with Chris which was excellent and will be happening on Tuesdays after the holidays too.
  • Lexi was also a superstar and did her very own research at home for World Space Week. Well done, Lexi! You were definitely aiming high 🙂
  • Sadly it was Teninla’s last day at Dyce as she is moving. We had a little ‘send off’ for her and had made her a card and some memories for her to keep that we had of her. We will miss you, good luck!
  • We will still be working hard today but I would just like to wish you all a lovely holiday when it comes. Thank you for your continued support this Term.
  • Miss Baldacci and P5A

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