Lots of Learning and Maths Week Scotland in P5A

Here are some of the things we have been up to this week:-

– For Maths Week Scotland, Sam from Active Schools was in to work with the children and teach them about how he uses Maths with his job. The children also played lots of fun games relating to Maths. Thank you, Sam.

– We started our Maths Art competition, stay tuned for the results.

– We had great fun completing the outdoor Maths trails. We worked together to solve tricky problems around the playground.

– We were learning more about the importance of punctuation to ensure our writing always makes sense.

– We were learning how to create a range of literal, inferential and evaluative questions based on The Water Horse.

– We continued to look at the Place Value of numbers, including decimals up to 3 decimal places and used the more than and less than sign to compare decimals.

– We did Number of the Day for Maths week where we looked at a Number and worked out all the possible questions related to the number. The number was 840 and some of us were getting very fancy and using brackets as well as more than one operation as part of our sum.

– Lastly, we looked at the definition of Racism and discussed the importance of why we were wearing red on Friday. We discussed how we see each other and that it is not based on looks, skin colour or religion, in fact it is based on so much more than that. From this, we each went around and put post its on each other’s desks based on how we see each other e.g. caring, kind, good sense of humour. Every child in class left with two post its and two very kind children also made sure I had two post its as well!

As you can see, another busy week!

Miss Baldacci.

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