A short but busy week in P3A!

This week has felt really quick but it’s probably because we’ve been very busy!

This week we have been learning:

to read a story, talk about the story then act it out in Drama with Miss Rae.

that carrots are root vegetables, so are onions, parsnips and beetroots! We also found out that carrots can come in other colours like red and purple!! We explored plants which grow above ground too. We saw how tomatoes and peppers grow and get to the shops.

are learning to skip in P.E. We learned how to hold the rope to create a bubble to jump through. We are aiming for more than 2-3 jumps at a time.

about place value. We created numbers using materials and used number fans to talk about numbers 10/50/100 more or less. We explored numbers beyond hundreds- some of us were able to read numbers to 7-digits using a place value grid.

we worked cooperatively on puzzles. We learned how to split the puzzle so everyone worked on a section then joined it together


to log in to the Chromebooks. Most of us are logging in within a few minutes! More time to play games!

to include descriptions in our writing. This week we had a dragon being trained by a prince and princess!

Have a great weekend!

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