Enterprise Day in P5A & P5B

The boys and girls in P5A and P5B had an amazingly busy day on Monday last week!  It was Enterprise Day for the classes and the day when all of their hard work paid off when they got to sell the efforts of their hard work to the children in the rest of the school!  The children have been busy this term learning about the skills needed to be an entrepreneur and to collaborate in small groups to come up with a product that would make a profit.  The groups worked so well together and the children were all very enthusiastic, motivated and mature in their approach to the task.  Here are some pictures of the event:

After the event the children worked in their groups to count the money they had taken, to hand back their float, calculate and deduct their expenses and then work out their final profit.  They raised a whopping £168 on the day after all the expenses had been repaid to Virgin Money.  Well done boys and girls and thank you to everyone who helped on the day.

Mrs McLean and Mrs Casey-McKay

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