Science, Careers and Sports

Over the past few weeks we have been researching and presenting information about the career we think we would like to follow. We shared talks about interior design and architecture, dog walkers and vets, rugby and football players, firefighters and dentists. We discussed the skills and qualifications needed for our ideal job. We explained what inspired us to think about the career we chose.

As our Enterprise is finished we are going to investigate different areas of science. In groups, we have chosen and area of science we are interested in and will create an experiment or activity to share our findings with the class.

In Maths we have completed work on fractions. We looked at equivalent, improper and simplifying fractions. We linked this to decimals and percentages. We used Numicon base boards to help us see the decimals in relation to the percentages. We will now be taking a look at data handling and will be interpreting graphs, conducting surveys and learning how to make a simple pie chart using angles.

In Writing we have been ‘stretching a sentence to give greater length to our imaginative writing. We started with a basic 5 word sentence and added details such as when, where, adjectives and adverbs to extend them to 20+ words. Another technique we have been using is to begin our sentences with words ending with -ly. This encourages us to use different sentence structures. We created a list of more than 20 words we could use. We added our previous work to these and wrote excellent sentences.

Yesterday we were successful in our Sports Day! The sun was shining and we demonstrated our sportsmanship by cheering on our school and picking ourselves up when we fell. Congratulations to everyone!

Look out for another blog soon!

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