P6A Transition Extreme Visit

Today we were very fortunate to be visited by a team from Transition Extreme. Several classes are taking part in their TX Comp and the visit was to support this. We watched stunts performed on a skateboard and a BMX bike. We had a class competition to see who could balance longest on the roller and board. We all had a turn on the board despite nerves from a few people. We felt proud of ourselves for trying.

Classes are competing to win a class session at Transition Extreme. Classes are challenged to design an advertisement to promote a Transition Extreme and what they do. Did you know they are a charity who support young people through their sports? Neither did we. We also found out that three of the sports they offer will be included in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

We’d better do our homework if we want to be in with a chance of winning! Sam and her team were skilled and enthusiastic. We were really impressed by their talents. See for yourself in the photos below!

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