P4B Update

Se we are having another busy week, learning lots of new skills. Here’s what we have been up to:-

– We learned our new spelling sounds (f, ff, words ending in vowels and ou). We played a charades type game where we had to act out the spelling word.

– We have continued learning about Money and focused this week on issuing the correct change to someone. We have been using the numberline strategy to help us.

– We also learned about what a debate was and had a fantastic debate about whether sugar should be taxed. Both sides were very convincing and had lots of well thought out points. We used our debating skills to then support our writing. We learned how to write a persuasive argument ensuring we gave examples to back up the points we were making.

– Milly also brought in her medal from dancing. Well done!

– We also had so much fun practising for Sports’ Day, we all had a good laugh as the sack race was harder than expected.

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