P6A Rocket Science, Enterprise and Drama!


We have been very busy this term and we’d like to share some of our highlights with you.

We took our dramatisation of the Scottish Wars of Independence outside and put the hill in the playground to good use as a battle ground. We enjoyed being an army, shouting and cheering our allegiance and using the props we made.

We have been outside as much as we can. We created games and activities for P1 and had a fantastic time playing and learning in the sun. We have been outside for revisit angles and shapes. We also used chalk outside to create symmetrical images and coordinate grids. We have also started to solve algebraic puzzles- we didn’t realise the puzzles were a type of a Maths.

We have been looking at punctuation such as apostrophes, working hard to join our letters when writing and writing imaginative stories with greater description. We have revisited writers tools such as similes and metaphors. We have been Reading every day after lunch during ERIC- everybody reading in class. We are currently preparing a personal talk about the career we would like in the future.

In French we have started to translate key parts of a familiar story. We will retell the story in French for P1 pupils using props and puppets. We are using stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Science Ambassadors, Lucy and Callum, from Dyce Academy helped us to build and launch paper rockets. We had a brilliantly sunny afternoon to try them out. Some of the rockets travelled quite far which was fantastic!

Last week we had a cricket taster session with Tony from Dyce and Stoneywood Cricket Club. We learned to field and bat.

Yesterday P7 came to share the French games they created. We thought they were fantastic.

Our Enterprise has kept us very busy this term. We have joined forces with P6B and have been learning about team work, compromise, shared responsibility and planning within a budget. We will have more on this in our next blog.

Please check in with us again soon.


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