Working Hard in P7B!!

This week P7B have been working hard in all of the things we have done this week. We have been working on a bit of maths by teaching P6B. We had to come up with a game to teach the P6’s some maths. In addition we have been learning a bit of symmetry, we have also making patterns with symmetry. Also 3 P7’s have been teaching us a lesson about our enterprise topic, we had to make something that could exist or made up. It was like an episode of dragons den. Also this week we had three academy teachers come into to the class and teach us. firstly one of the teachers came into teach us about symmetry and the other two was to teach us an activity about weird creatures and to make a slide show about an animal that we thought was a good creature to research. Also we have been making posters for our jumble sale and also a big thank you to all the people donations that we have received. In conclusion, we have been learning how to do printing onto Styrofoam, we drew a picture on to a piece of paper and then we put Styrofoam underneath the paper. By Greig Simpson

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