Tackling Bullying Advice from P5A

Yesterday at Assembly was a very proud moment for myself as the P5A Teacher.  Four girls from the class, Holly, Lily, Amy and Mukaddes, shared their thoughts on Bullying and how everyone at Dyce School can work together to make Bullying non-existent here.  The girls shared a very informative video which told the story of bullied children and how they managed to overcome the bullying they were experiencing by using the “Stop, Walk and Tell” approach. Please follow the link below to the presentation which the girls created:

Download (PPTX, Unknown)

We hope you find their presentation informative and it gives you the information you need to tackle bullying at Dyce School.  It certainly made the children in assembly think about what they can do to make Dyce School a great place to learn.  Thank you very much to the girls!

If you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact myself through the school office.

Mrs McLean



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