Lots Of Learning In P7B!!

This week P7B have been working hard, we have been working a lot on our enterprise topic. We have been thinking on how to make our P7 jumble sale as great as it can be. Also we have been catching up on a bit of maths, this week we have been looking at some stages of maths. We have been doing a bit about simplifying fractions. In addition we have been looking at more french, both classes have been working in groups and creating different games that connect with french like french bingo or french loop card, simple but fun games. Also we have been doing athletics in P.E. this term will be based on all of the sports in athletics; throwing, running ect. Also this week we have been continuing with our WW2 novels, including meta-linguistics and making different creations that link to our books. In conclusion, we have been learning how to draw perspective drawings. By Greig Simpson P7B

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